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hi, love!

welcome to my corner of the internet world! my name is heather and i am a deep feeler and nurturer who is wildly passionate about observing and exploring our innate divinity and our messy-beautiful humanity. so much so that i breathe about it, write about it, sing about it, and hold space for highly-sensitive souls like us to integrate it more fully in our life, relationships, and soul-centered vocational work.

my soul is called to embody this through my personal spiritual practice, writing about it, creating guided sound healings, facilitating monthly group breath work + sound immersions, and working with people in a 1:1 capacity.

to receive healing through the written word, you can click the “weekly blessings” tab above.

to listen to my latest sound healing album “sacred disruptor,” click here. i’m also currently producing brand-new guided sound healings behind the scenes. stay tuned!

to inquire about working together in a 1:1 capacity, please click here to learn more about private sessions.

every tuesday, i send out a written blessing just like the ones above via email. click here to receive them.