are You an artist, creative, or healer


love, what purpose does the hiding serve?

Could it be that, by remaining in-hiding, you can continue to avoid the responsibility you feel to use your creative self-expression to make an impact in your corner of the world?

Could it be that, by withholding Your Creative Self, you can remain in the familiarity of your comfort zone and avoid exposing yourself to vulnerability, being misunderstood, and potential criticism?

Do you play it safe by aligning yourself with what’s trending on Instagram or in the communities of which you are apart rather than letting yourself set yourself apart from the majority voice and taking the risk to FULLY share Your Creative Self?

Do you let your fear of being rejected or your fear of what other people will think of you expressing your creativity in all of its you-ness hold you back?

Which of the above most speaks to you?

You shrinking yourself so that other people can making yourself smaller so that other people can take up all the engaged with the (well-worn) practice of sacrificing your needs, well-being, and JOY in attempt to make other people feel less insecure…

…it’s just not working anymore is it?

There is an un-ignorable call coming from deep within you - from a place beyond intellect. And that un-ignorable call is Your Creative Self. Etched within the nooks and crannies of your Soul is a unique form of creative self-expression that is completely yours.

You have your very own creative blueprint. Imprinted onto your Soul is a form of creative self-expression that you are here to share.

Would you like to explore this part of you?

Consider this your satellite call - a soulful invitation from the core essence of Your Creative Self to you.

You showing up and sharing your Soul’s creative imprint with the world does not mean that you are stealing the spotlight from other people. Quite the opposite, Love. You sharing Your Creative Self in all its fullness and allowing your art to reverberate creates a vibrational ripple effect of self-permission and emotional freedom for humans everywhere.


Jasmine’s Experience

“This program has the power to massively shift the way you show up in the world and the way you treat yourself. YCS opened up a huge massive door for me, that had been closed for many, many years. A door to a portal of exploration into creativity, sensuality, power, and Truth. YCS opened up a portal of questioning many of the labels and stories I had long ago accepted as truth. As I journeyed into YCS - questioning and opening - it resulted in an expansion inside of myself that I didn't know needed and I didn't know was even possible.”
- Jasmine Smith, Hypnotherapist (


Hemali’s Experience

“I'm so grateful for this challenge - I am using it daily and I truly feel like it's making a difference and it will make a bigger difference by the end. I feel like something truly EPIC will come out of this! Heather - the meditations are beyond beautiful, calming and inspiring; and, I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to listen to them. I have re-done my entire website and I feel so so good about it. I embraced my creativity, and it looks perfect (for now!), and I'm feeling so much more optimistic about my business and life!”
- Hemali Lala, Abstract Artist (


Your Creative Self is a 28-day meditation experience designed specifically for you.

You who is so aware of the creative potential within them.

You who has been hiding that creative potential for far too long.

You who is ready to dig deep within, connect with + activate your creative energy, and take active steps towards sharing it with the world.

This 28-day journey is, essentially, a deep-dive into your sacral chakra (the energy center that governs creation, creativity, sexuality, pleasure, sensuality and joy) and the throat chakra (the energy center that governs your relationship with self-expression and expressing your voice).

Throughout your Your Creative Self journey, you are invited into an experience of transformation. You are invited to explore, discover, and uncover the false narratives you have absorbed and swallowed that are blocking you from expressing your truest expression of Love, creativity, and joy. Through the daily meditations, email coaching, breathwork sessions, and community support, you will be guided to clear out these false narratives keeping you in-hiding and create s p a c e in your psyche, subconscious + conscious minds, and energy body for your creative energy to flow and your creative ideas to come through to you.

a brief breakdown of the content

  • Four guided meditations
    Each meditation is practiced daily for one week

  • Daily email coaching
    Each email is powerful, brief, and offers a self-exploratory prompt)

  • A private Facebook community
    We hold space for each other to be. Community support is essential to growth.

  • Two live community breathwork classes
    Class one is centered on healing wounding around creative self-expression + class two is centered on stepping into your full creative self-expression

If this content speaks to you, scroll down for a deeper description.


Kim’s Experience

“I grew up a dancer. I took dance all the way through college and then I stopped. I don't even remember why. I still have dance parties with my son, but have not allowed myself to take a dance class for 20 years! 20 fucking years…until today! Ahh! I took my first hip-hop dance class in 20 years TODAY! Hello Me. There you are. Tears of gratitude to you. And to me. So much love, sweet sister. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for helping me unlock my courage and creativity.” - Kim Salter, Intuitive Medium (

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 2.30.38 PM.png

Nicholle’s Experience

“Your Creative Self is amazing! A life changing journey. Words don't do it justice. The 28 days led me through to something that is unspeakable. Life-changing. Something that I will never forget. I'm so grateful for Heather and these guided meditations. They helped me to find and express my creativity freely. I am a new person because of this meditation experience. I am me. Something I don't know that I ever was before. If you are looking to release the old and step into your purpose, this is for you! If you feel lost and know you are here for a bigger purpose but don't know what, this is for you! You really have nothing to lose (except for what no longer serves you) :-) ! I now feel safe to be me. I am creatively free." - Nicholle Caldwell, Intuitive Development Guide (


You are creating in every moment. In this very moment, as you read these words on this page, you are creating an experience for yourself. You can quickly read these words. You can intellectually read the words. You can read the words and attune to their vibration. You can curate and cultivate an experience that allows you to have a deeper experience of yourself and the essence of Your Creative Self simply by how you engage with this offerings page.

You are creative because you are creation itself!

Your Creative Self is about you sharing your art and healing with the world. And, deeper than that, it is about you recognizing and embodying the well of power that IS your creative energy.

When we have grown up assuming the role of an emotional caretaker, we can sometimes adopt the belief system that it is a “waste of time” to focus on the Self or it is a “waste of time” to not be doing something or producing something in the material world (this is also intertwined with societal conditioning).

Love, trust me. Your inner work will naturally lead you to your outer work. 



Your Creative Self is centered on assisting you in tapping into and opening up your creative energy, which is deeply intertwined with the energies of joy, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, play, addiction, control, speaking your truth, conforming to other people’s voices and visions, and your ability to move between the wisdom of the head and the heart (the intellect and the body).

Here is a deeper look at the content that will assist you with that:


Every day, you practice a guided meditation, beginning with meditation one and ending with meditation four. Each meditation is practiced for one week (seven days) and each builds upon the other.

Meditation 1: Meet Your Creative Self (17 minutes, 11 seconds)
The intention of this meditation is to hold space for you to connect to where the essence of creation lives in your body, to guide you to reconnect with it, and to help you activate your creative energy. We focus on a simple technique using breath and visualization that helps you to open up and activate your creative energy / sex energy center, your heart center, and your throat center. It’s so subtle and so powerful. All you need is your breath and your body.

Press play below to sample Meet Your Creative Self.

Meditation 2: Explore Pleasure (18 minutes, 51 seconds)
This meditation is a space for you to…you guessed it…explore (and most importantly, self-generate) the essence of pleasure within you. The intention of this meditation is for it to be a safe playground - an energetic space where you can explore and self-generate pleasure and what it means to you. When you can open yourself up to receive and invoke pleasure, it also opens up your creativity in a magnetic and palpable way. It’s that extra touch of magic people can’t quite name - because it is an energy you self-generate. This meditation is a reminder of what is innate within you, the power you have to access it through breath and visualization, and a powerful practice for releasing internalized shame + guilt around receiving pleasure (which blocks our creativity).

Meditation 3: Partnering with your Creativity (18 minutes, 11 seconds)
Everything you create has its own Soul. And that Soul wants to partner with you. The energy field of that Soul wants to touch your own. Your creations want to create a relationship with you. That energy field wants to collaborate with you; to work with you. The intention of this meditation is to offer you an energetic space for you to join forces with the essence of what you are being called to create. From this place, you can create an empowered relationship with the essence of your creative projects and work together to bring to fruition whatever it is you are being called to be a channel for.

Meditation 4: Remembering Your True Essence (12 minutes, 36 seconds)
This meditation is intended to tie together everything you’ve explored over the prior three weeks. This final week serves as an integration week of everything you have courageously dove into, and this meditation is intended to support you in that. This meditation is a simple and powerful sound healing that serves as a touchstone of remembrance. This is one you can use as a daily practice going forward if you choose. It serves as a practice for you to attune to and sit in full receptivity of Your Creative Self. You only need to receive yourself. Mmm. YES.

Throughout the daily email coaching, we will be focusing on all of the above topics and opening up a sacred space for you to explore these facets of you individually and in our private Facebook community.

The intention of our private community (it will be a closed group on Facebook) is to serve as a space where you can relate with each other throughout your process, hold space for each other’s experiences, practice intentional community-building, and offer support when it is asked for. Knowing we are in it together and holding space for each other to be ourselves is essential to foster your individual and our collective growth.

On the evening of August 7th, the day before we begin day 1 of the 28-day meditation experience, we will gather for a community breathwork class centered on your individual intention for joining Your Creative Self (i.e. “releasing my fear of being misunderstood and allowing myself to claim my true creative self-expression). This is meant to be a community ceremony and initiation into this new phase of your creative life!

On the final day of Your Creative Self, we will practice a group breathwork class centered on celebrating yourself and your YCS cohort for showing up. No goals. Just breathing in honor of yourself and each other. Celebrating yourself and each other. An active self-blessing. YUM I will facilitate each breathwork class and there will be space held for group sharing after each breathwork session. If you are unable to attend the classes live, there will be a replay emailed to you shortly after the class.

Your Creative Self is a course that is largely experiential - because that’s the only way we can know our Soul and our creative energy. We have to have a personal experience of it for ourselves. In that spirit, I invite you to experience a 5-minute sample of meditation one. I trust that, after practicing this sample, you’ll experience an inner knowing as to whether Your Creative Self is the right fit for you.





A Bit About Me,
Your Facilitator + Guide

Hi, love! I’m Heather Waxman (pronouns: she/her). I am a mystic at heart and a forever-student of my Soul. I support full-hearted, kind, fierce, creative, and sensitive humxns to create a strong relationship with their inner world and come out of hiding to embody the leader they are here to be. As a spiritual practice coach, breathwork facilitator, writer and sound healer, I do that through 1:1 mentorship, online meditation experiences, writing, and sound healing.

I live on the land of Lenape and Wappinger tribes (about an hour and change from New York City) with my wife Nic and our two cats, Kali + Shakti.

I love acoustic folk music with a burning passion. If I could eat all day, I would. I love food so much. I have an obsession with pens and how smooth they feel as I write (current fave is BIC Gelocity). Oh and yesterday, I thought I accidentally killed a spider and literally fell onto the floor in the fetal position sobbing over it. So, yeah. This is your facilitator.



Here’s to you returning to the remembrance of Your Creative Self.
I can wait to welcome you into this beautiful, powerful community of like-minded humxns who are ready to receive the imprint of YCS onto their souls too.