You’re going through a life transition of some kind. And no matter the magnitude, this one feels internally big. You’re at a bit of a crossroads with your Soul. You want to embody what it means to be a spiritual practitioner. This time, you want things to be different. You want to navigate this differently - because your Soul needs it. The well-being of your entire being depends on it.

My intention, through our shared relationship, is to create a space that allows you to heal + transform, receive your own intuitive insights, step more fully into who you are at a Soul level, and share that expression with the world in your own unique way.


Sessions are energetically similar to a spiritual counseling environment and provide a sacred space for people to express themselves exactly as they are. 

Included in the actual session (depending on your needs) are breath work, intuitive channellings, a custom guided sound healing session, writing prompts catered specifically to you and your needs, and anything else Spirit drops in! ;) Often, post-session, I feel called to create guided breath + sound experiences catered to exactly what you are going through / experiencing.

My clients always reflect back to me something about myself that I am healing and/or is in need of healing. I truly believe that we are teaching, learning, and healing together. This aspect is so sacred to me.

The current rate for a 60 minute session is $222 USD.

If that is not in-alignment with your budget, I have space for two clients who I can work with on a sliding scale cost of $100 - $200 USD.

Overall, my intention through our shared relationship is to create a space that allows you to heal + transform, receive your own insights, and step more fully into the truest expression of who you are at a Soul level. 


1.) A Complimentary Intro Session
If this resonates with you, click here to book a complimentary 30-minute discovery session where we can connect, feel each other out, and decide if we are the right fit for each other.

2.) A Pay-In-Full Session
If you know for-sure we are the right fit for each other and you want to get started, click here to book your private session.

3.) A Sliding Scale Session
If you know we’re the right fit for each other and want to get started on a sliding scale, email me at contact@heatherwaxman.com the price that best fits your current situation so we can discuss those details together and get going!