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Reclaim Your Sense of Self: A Community Breathwork + Sound Healing Class


Reclaim Your
Sense of Self

A Community Breathwork +
Sound Healing Class

Most of us are bombarded with information telling us what to do and who to be in order to be a good person. What I love *so* much about breathwork is that it is a simple, complete self-healing system. Your breath has its own unique, innate intelligence and it - in conjunction with your willingness to let go, surrender, and trust your body - will lead you to the places inside of you that require healing and love.

When I found breathwork, it was incredibly powerful for me because - for the first time in my life - my healing was in *my* hands. I could use my breath to access stuck and stagnant emotions, to clear emotional and psychological blocks, to heal physical illness, to deepen my connection to my intuition and to the Spirit realm, and to strengthen my creativity.

I facilitate breathwork because it puts the power in the hands of the practitioner. And to hold a space - a collective energy - in which we are all taking responsibility for our energy and experience and reclaiming our power through the breath? Pure. Fucking. Magic.

We also work with sound - also called toning - to assist in releasing pent-up energy. Our sound current is so powerful too!

I invite you to join us Saturday, September 14th at 9am EST / 6am PST for our monthly community breathwork class, themed around Reclaiming Your Sense-of-Self.

The intention of this breathwork class is to assist you in:

  • releasing pent-up rage and grief

  • releasing non-serving subconscious patterning around self-restriction

  • calling back parts of yourself you’ve consciously + unconsciously given away to other people

  • releasing thoughts and beliefs you’ve taken on that are not yours

  • giving yourself permission to live a life that is your Truth

If you are unable to make it live, no worries! A recording will be emailed to you ~24 hours after the live class.

COST: $22

Photography credit: Robin Benzirihem

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