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TAKING BACK OUR JOY | A Breathwork + Sound Healing Experience

Photography by: Mona Eendra

Photography by: Mona Eendra

I’m speaking directly to you, highly sensitive soul.

I’m speaking directly to the part of you that is recovering from emotional codependence.

I’m speaking directly to the parts of you that were programmed to emotionally take care of everybody in your life and to prioritize that over everything else - including your own joy and well-being.

I used to believe investing in my joy was self-indulgent. I didn’t believe it was important.

I now know it is one part of my Soul’s incarnation and my ancestral duty to take back my joy and to bring other people along with me.

Breathe into that with me for a moment.

Soul’s incarnation.

Ancestral duty.

I don’t say those two things lightly.

Something I know to be true about us is that we have run on a pattern - one that has been programmed into us - that has us prioritizing emotionally taking care of other people over…well…everything else.

This month, we are journeying into our joy through the art of breath work and sound healing.

The lineage of women that I come from were very much like caged animals - unable to freely express themselves. We owe it to the well-being of our souls and the well-being of our planet to *dare* take back our joy not only for ourselves but for those in our lineage who didn’t have the resources or the courage to do so.

This stops with us. No longer will be perpetuate the narrative. Because repressing these parts of ourselves is part of what causes us to oppress ourselves and our fellow humxns.

We may not be doing it with our words but we may be doing it with our thoughts. Because in our energy centers and our nervous systems are programs that have been downloaded into us (that don’t have to be ours) that say, “You can’t do that” or “You can’t be that” or “You can’t express yourself like that”

Through breath work and sound healing, we are going say - together as a community - “No more. This stops with me. I am ready to reclaim my joy and take it along with me for the ride of my incarnation.”

We will breathe into those ancestral patterns that are no longer ours to hold that have us sacrificing our needs to appease other people. We will feel them deeply. We will peel them off breath-by-breath, sound-by-sound, and emotional release by emotional release. We will hold space for us individually and collectively to have the experience we most need.

Here’s to taking back our joy.



10 percent of the funds from this class will go directly to support the work of
FreeFrom, an incredible organization that offers survivors of gender-based violence “pathways to financial security and long-term safety.”

Later Event: July 17
...and the walls come down