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Free to Be: A Virtual Breathwork Community Experience

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One thing that my breathwork practice has taught me is that there is literally nothing to fix about me, that there is nothing broken about me, and that I am free to be exactly as I am.

I used to navigate life believing that I was incapable of feeling the depth of emotion present within me. As a result, I found myself chasing what I labeled “good” emotions and running away from what I labeled “bad” emotions. It is this attachment to “feeling good” that can cause great suffering and strip us of being fully alive.

Through breathwork, we can reparent these parts of ourselves. We can - through this breath - teach ourselves how to be with ourselves wholly and fully, regardless of how we are feeling. We can literally breathe love into the places and spaces inside of us that require it and feel a sense of aliveness and presence with ourselves. We can be the great mentor to ourselves we often seek outside of ourselves. And we can do all of this through our breath. We need nothing outside of us to do so.

How. Freaking. Empowering.

This month’s virtual breathwork class has a theme but it’s kinda also not a theme. The theme is “free to be.” The intention of this breathwork class is to be a space where you can meet yourself right where you are. To feel and express right where you are. To surrender into this and…see what happens.

If you’d like to explore this more for yourself, join us and register here for this month’s breathwork class. A recording of the class will be available for you if you are unable to make it live.

DATE: Monday, 10/28
TIME: 8:00pm - 9:30pm EST