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Free to Be: A Virtual Breathwork Community Experience

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One thing that my breathwork practice has taught me is that there is literally nothing to fix about me, that there is nothing broken about me, and that I am free to be exactly as I am.

I used to navigate life believing that I was incapable of feeling the depth of emotion present within me. As a result, I found myself chasing what I labeled “good” emotions and running away from what I labeled “bad” emotions. It is this attachment to “feeling good” that can cause great suffering and strip us of being fully alive.

Through breathwork, we can reparent these parts of ourselves. We can - through this breath - teach ourselves how to be with ourselves wholly and fully, regardless of how we are feeling. We can literally breathe love into the places and spaces inside of us that require it and feel a sense of aliveness and presence with ourselves. We can be the great mentor to ourselves we often seek outside of ourselves. And we can do all of this through our breath. We need nothing outside of us to do so.

How. Freaking. Empowering.

This month’s virtual breathwork class has a theme but it’s kinda also not a theme. The theme is “free to be.” The intention of this breathwork class is to be a space where you can meet yourself right where you are. To feel and express right where you are. To surrender into this and…see what happens.

If you’d like to explore this more for yourself, join us and register here for this month’s breathwork class. A recording of the class will be available for you if you are unable to make it live.

DATE: Monday, 10/28
TIME: 8:00pm - 9:30pm EST


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Reclaim Your Sense of Self: A Community Breathwork + Sound Healing Class


Reclaim Your
Sense of Self

A Community Breathwork +
Sound Healing Class

Most of us are bombarded with information telling us what to do and who to be in order to be a good person. What I love *so* much about breathwork is that it is a simple, complete self-healing system. Your breath has its own unique, innate intelligence and it - in conjunction with your willingness to let go, surrender, and trust your body - will lead you to the places inside of you that require healing and love.

When I found breathwork, it was incredibly powerful for me because - for the first time in my life - my healing was in *my* hands. I could use my breath to access stuck and stagnant emotions, to clear emotional and psychological blocks, to heal physical illness, to deepen my connection to my intuition and to the Spirit realm, and to strengthen my creativity.

I facilitate breathwork because it puts the power in the hands of the practitioner. And to hold a space - a collective energy - in which we are all taking responsibility for our energy and experience and reclaiming our power through the breath? Pure. Fucking. Magic.

We also work with sound - also called toning - to assist in releasing pent-up energy. Our sound current is so powerful too!

I invite you to join us Saturday, September 14th at 9am EST / 6am PST for our monthly community breathwork class, themed around Reclaiming Your Sense-of-Self.

The intention of this breathwork class is to assist you in:

  • releasing pent-up rage and grief

  • releasing non-serving subconscious patterning around self-restriction

  • calling back parts of yourself you’ve consciously + unconsciously given away to other people

  • releasing thoughts and beliefs you’ve taken on that are not yours

  • giving yourself permission to live a life that is your Truth

If you are unable to make it live, no worries! A recording will be emailed to you ~24 hours after the live class.

COST: $22

Photography credit: Robin Benzirihem

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Rivers of Rebirth with Goddess Danu


In Celtic tradition, Goddess Danu is known as the Mother of the gods + goddesses. Danu watches over the land with fierce protection and tender devotion. She invokes fertility, abundance, and new life, and is associated with the element of water. Danu is wonderful to call on for assistance when you are in or on the precipice of a new beginning and also when you are experiencing resistance to receiving the fullness of rebirth, inner expansion, and inner/outer abundance. As we receive abundance, Danu encourages us to circulate it to the Earth and her children, honoring the spiral of Life.

When I asked Spirit what our community breathwork class would be this month, this theme came through so strongly. This Thursday, we will work with the element of water and invite Goddess Danu to assist our individual and collective call to rebirth, new life, illumination of what/who is ready to fall away, receptivity of abundance that is here now, is imminent, and is coming in, and fierce protection of Mother Earth.

We will gather on the Full Moon this Thursday 8/15 at 8am EST / 5am PST.

Click here to register.
Cost is $22 USD.

If you cannot attend live, fear not! A recording of this class will be emailed to everyone ~24 hours after the class.

20% of all proceeds from this class will go directly to The Aloha ‘Āina Support Fund, created by kahea.org, “which prioritizes frontline logistical support for non-violent direct actions taken to protect Mauna Kea from further industrial development.” 

To the continued protection of Mother Earth... 🌎🙏

Photo credit: Marc Zimmer

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...and the walls come down


When you see this phrase “...and the walls come down,” what comes forth for you?

What do you feel?

What do you sense?

What do you envision?

What do you hear?

I usually expand a bit upon the theme for each month’s community breathwork class. But this month, as I felt into the essence of this month’s class, I felt it tell me to leave it fully in the hands of the practitioner. My entire body exhaled and expanded.


To me, this really *is* the deepest and truest essence of what spiritual practice is … to take a concept deep inside yourself and discern what is true for you.

This Wednesday 7/17 at 11am EST, we will gather and hold space for our individual and collective journeys of taking this concept/essence and using the breathwork and sound to discern what message it has for us.

Breathwork takes you out of your head and into your heart. It is a practice of descending into the body’s energy centers and, through this, you can viscerally access self-authority, self-sovereignty, and sense-of-self … the core foundation of a meaningful life.

Come join us for depth, reverence, play, grief, joy, and connection through individual spiritual practice and community sharing. All who feel called to attend are welcome! If you are unable to make it live, a recording will be directly emailed to you ~24 hours after the class.

10% of all proceeds from this class will go directly to support the incredible work done by RAICES (The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services). To learn more about RAICES Texas and the incredible work they do, please watch the video below.

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TAKING BACK OUR JOY | A Breathwork + Sound Healing Experience

Photography by: Mona Eendra

Photography by: Mona Eendra

I’m speaking directly to you, highly sensitive soul.

I’m speaking directly to the part of you that is recovering from emotional codependence.

I’m speaking directly to the parts of you that were programmed to emotionally take care of everybody in your life and to prioritize that over everything else - including your own joy and well-being.

I used to believe investing in my joy was self-indulgent. I didn’t believe it was important.

I now know it is one part of my Soul’s incarnation and my ancestral duty to take back my joy and to bring other people along with me.

Breathe into that with me for a moment.

Soul’s incarnation.

Ancestral duty.

I don’t say those two things lightly.

Something I know to be true about us is that we have run on a pattern - one that has been programmed into us - that has us prioritizing emotionally taking care of other people over…well…everything else.

This month, we are journeying into our joy through the art of breath work and sound healing.

The lineage of women that I come from were very much like caged animals - unable to freely express themselves. We owe it to the well-being of our souls and the well-being of our planet to *dare* take back our joy not only for ourselves but for those in our lineage who didn’t have the resources or the courage to do so.

This stops with us. No longer will be perpetuate the narrative. Because repressing these parts of ourselves is part of what causes us to oppress ourselves and our fellow humxns.

We may not be doing it with our words but we may be doing it with our thoughts. Because in our energy centers and our nervous systems are programs that have been downloaded into us (that don’t have to be ours) that say, “You can’t do that” or “You can’t be that” or “You can’t express yourself like that”

Through breath work and sound healing, we are going say - together as a community - “No more. This stops with me. I am ready to reclaim my joy and take it along with me for the ride of my incarnation.”

We will breathe into those ancestral patterns that are no longer ours to hold that have us sacrificing our needs to appease other people. We will feel them deeply. We will peel them off breath-by-breath, sound-by-sound, and emotional release by emotional release. We will hold space for us individually and collectively to have the experience we most need.

Here’s to taking back our joy.



10 percent of the funds from this class will go directly to support the work of
FreeFrom, an incredible organization that offers survivors of gender-based violence “pathways to financial security and long-term safety.”

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