Your most precious asset.

One of my dearest teachers is Guru Jagat. A powerhouse of a womxn. A true embodiment. I am so grateful for her presence in my life as my teacher these past five years.

Something that Guru Jagat speaks about often is attention. In a recent podcast (you should check it out - Reality Riffing with Guru Jagat on all platforms), she said, "The commodity of this age right now is your attention. This is what people are making money off of. Everybody is looking for your attention...and I mean desperately. If you become so attentive that you're paying attention to where you're putting your attention, you're able to have enough energy to see things from multiple perspectives. And it's going to make you very charismatic, very wise, very intelligent."'s time for a self check-in.

Where is your attention right now?

Are you mindlessly looking through this email to get that dopamine hit from the notification that popped up on your phone?

Are you intentionally consuming this because it feeds you on a deep Soul level?

No judgment either way ... just check in with yourself. Practice attentive self-awareness in this very moment. 

99% of social media users passively consume content. Passive consumption of social media drains us ... our nervous systems, our auric fields, our sensory systems, and our vital energy. Zapped. This is intentional. The social media "powers at be" want us to be robotic zombies. Because when we are hypnotized under their desire to manipulate and control our attention, we aren't in our power. And when we aren't in our power, we cannot do our dharma. And if we cannot do our dharma, we can't change the system. 

If you feel a bit disoriented in this and feel you need some support in learning how to really practice paying deep attention, fear not! We have practices. Here's a simple one I do often:

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your navel point (the energy center about 2 inches below your belly button). This is the center from which your sense of personal power and sense of inner balance comes from. It's like your body's own internal GPS in many ways. Closing your eyes and bringing awareness to your navel point and breathing deeply for 3 minutes does wonders! Do this. You may feel a little wobbly while you do. It's okay - that means it's working! You're re-aligning. Then, have a dance party to your fave song and drink a glass of water. 6 minutes and boom! You're re-aligned.

If you want a deeper practice to assist you with this, I have an amazing one for you. It's really potent to practice this today, on this Super Full Moon in Virgo. It's a brand-new guided breath work practice called Burn with Fire

This practice is 31-minutes in length and is designed to assist you with invoking the fire element within you through your breath to clear any karmic and ancestral contracts you have in this lifetime that have manifested as stuck energy, depression, and a feeling of inability to move forward in life. It is powerful.

If you want it, click here and offer anywhere between $22 - $44 USD as an energy exchange. Once I receive that from you, I will send you the breathwork practice.

This is one part of a five-part breath work series I am creating called Breathing with the Elements that will be released within the next year. It is inspired by the Celtic pentacle and my ancestry's devotion to the Elements as divine teachers.

Here's the warrior within you, determined to harness her/their/his attention.

With love,

Heather WaxmanComment