your body is the way to your soul

Hi love,

We all have an internal tuning fork that can assist us in attuning to the unique melody of our Soul; the very pitch that is our Soul's sweet spot; the verse we know we most need to sing; the lyrics itching to make their way through the crevices of our Heart.

The catch is that we have to slow down enough to create space to be still and listen to it. This is part of personal spiritual practice. It doesn't have to be long. It doesn't have to be a formal sitting practice. Stillness doesn't always mean silence. We can practice still listening to our internal tuning fork in every moment. We only need to begin; and to continue to practice listening with our inner ear so that we can learn to discern from our Soul's melody, someone else's Soul melody, and our mind. 

It's a paradox; our Soul's essence is so powerful and so subtle. We must create space to practice attuning to its rhythm, or else we place ourselves at-risk for vibrating with other people's tuning forks and singing their melody instead of our own. 

The internal tuning fork - the inner ear - is housed within our body. In his book Anam Cara, John O'Donohue says this about the body: "Your body is your clay home; your body is the only home that you have in this universe. It is in and through your body that your soul becomes visible and real for you. Your body is the home of your soul on earth." (Section: The Body is the Angel of the Soul, pg. 44)

Isn't it so interesting that we have been programmed to spend most of our lives fearing, running from, and obsessively trying to disfigure the very home of our soul? It's no wonder we struggle to use our inner ear. It's no wonder we struggle to vibrate along with our internal tuning fork and synch up with our Soul's melody!

Your body is not an inconvenience to accessing your Soul - it is the very way to it. They are meant to work in-harmony with each other. How miraculous!

It is a rebellious act to live our Soul's truth; because, in essence, it requires us to feel the sensations in our body (which correspond to our energy centers) that connect us to our Soul. In a very real sense, our body's energy centers are wisdom keepers. This is the divine dance of the internal tuning fork. I am learning every day how to more deeply feel this, live this, and embody this. It's the adventure of a lifetime.

You, my love, have a truly sacred Soul housed within your body. YES! Your body is the house of your Soul. Let us treat it like the sacred home that it tenderly and compassionately as we can. 

With love,

Photo credit for the highlighted photo goes to Drop the Label Movement via Unsplash. (Check out their movement - it’s amazing!)

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