Your Body is a Portal


Our bodies are literal portals for an old consciousness to die and a new one to be re-born.

Today’s episode of Soul Sessions is for us Souls who have chosen to be midwives for a new consciousness of being on this planet - especially as it pertains to processing the release of collective emotions, behavioral patterns, etc. through our physical bodies.

Some of us chose this as part of our purpose in this lifetime. This doesn’t make us “special” - it’s simply part of the makeup of our Soul. I have been a bit hesitant to share this for fear of being misunderstood or coming off as trying to make myself look special but I feel so deeply about this because I know that there are some of you out there who need to receive this message so you can release the misbelief that there is something wrong with you and own that this is one part of your Soul’s mission in this lifetime. 

This process is not “cool” or “glamorous.” It does not come without its immense birthing pains and immense grief. It can feel so incredibly overwhelming at times. We have conditioning to unravel within ourselves *and* we are also processing the release of collective conditioning. Especially the grief that comes from conforming to the majority voice + choosing a desire to belong over expressing our True selves. Something we’re all learning.

With breath work, you are literally using your body as a portal for an old consciousness to die and new one to be re-born. This is why I created these monthly breath work classes - so we could gather together and do this work together. I know what it feels like to process so much on such a deep level, and we don’t have to do this alone.

All this and more on the podcast today. ✨ Listen below or head to iTunes to subscribe and listen. Please pass it along to anyone you feel may need it!

P.S. - Today’s episode is number 11 and is released on the 11th day of the month ... and the consciousness of the number 11 literally is to be a portal for Divine consciousness. #YouCantMakeThisShitUp #ThankYouSpirit #MorePlease