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Hi love!

I have somethin' for ya ... a soul riff on the relationship between our individual soul work and the impact that has on the collective psyche. Your individual soul work matters SO much. Our individual work matters. It is the foundation from which we can go out into the world and do our work with and in-service to the collective.

There is so much talk and emphasis on collective work right now and OF COURSE that is deeply important. I am not saying this to bypass that important, messy, beautiful work. I am here for that.

But here's the thing: We cannot effectively contribute to the collective if we don't know ourselves and our Soul. Of course, this is an ever-evolving journey. I am forever evolving into understanding more deeply who I am and how my Soul is here to express itself. But if we bypass, ignore or avoid going to the depths that our Soul's individual work is asking of us, we lose. And the collective loses too.

Because your healing balm - whatever medicine you are here to share with the world - can only penetrate as deeply as you have gone within yourself. 

It is my intention that this podcast-meets sermon-meets sound healing can serve as the pep talk you and your Soul may need. I hope it inspires you to dig deeper into those places inside of yourself that are calling for love, healing, affirmation, joy, grief, emptying, filling, receiving, giving, and everything and anything in-between. I love you.

If it is means for your ears and your heart, I invite you to listen below.

With love,

P.S. - Comment below and let me know what this stirred up for you!

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