wholeness requires integration.

Hi love,

Before we journey into integration, I want to take a moment to dedicate today's offering to my Jewish kin. Thursday shook me deeply and stirred up all kinds of generational trauma. I'm still integrating it all so I am not going to share more yet, but I just want you to know that I love you and I see you. If you're not Jewish but have people in your life who are (even if they aren't practicing in traditional ways), check in on them. They are feeling this too. 


As I continue to move through this deep transition period, I am understanding more and more on an experiential level that wholeness requires integration.

Wholeness, to me, is embodiment of our innate divinity and our messy-beautiful humanity. Wholeness is being willing to be the living, breathing paradox that you are.

In order for a new pattern / way of being to be born, something not only has to die but subsequently be transformed and integrated.

As I reflect on the patterns and ways of being I am devoted to shifting and those I have shifted, I am reminded of the often overlooked and neglected stage in the process of transformation: integration.

This stage is invisible to the naked eye. There is not much "doing" in this step - mostly you being done to. This is where we truly surrender and let the mysterious force of Spirit / God / Angels / Celestial Help do its thing. We are the soup and Spirit is the spoon, stirring us and helping all of our parts to blend together so we can be more whole.

Here in the United States, we live in a culture that thrives on maintaining a sense of urgency and reactivity - a sense of urgency to "do more," a pressure to react quickly to every news story that comes out, a projected expectation that you will have an answer to someone's question immediately, etc. Most of the time, it's not helpful - because it's coming from our lowest level of consciousness; our primal, animalistic nature. It lacks thoughtfulness, depth, and profundity.

It is a spiritual practice to resist getting swept up in the urgency-reactivity current.

It is a spiritual practice to recognize that confronting your integration is urgent but the process itself doesn't have to be infused with a sense of urgency to "get it healed now." We can take our time while not procrastinating. We can be thoughtful by allowing space for something to integrate while also not getting completely swept up in our individual healing, so much so that we neglect the deep importance of confronting our participation in collective healing. All of these nuances deserve our time and attention. 

Questions for Reflection: Where do you notice yourself getting swept up in the urgency-reactivity current? Where do you notice yourself resist letting integration be done to you and through you? What, if anything, are you being asked to integrate at this time?

With love,

Photo credit for the headlining image of this post goes to Kenrick Mills via Unsplash.