who joins you in breathing life into your dreams?

Hi love,

As I deepen my inner and outer studies of Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus, I am experiencing a deeper, enriching understanding of relationship. Their story serves me so deeply on an individual and always extends to the collective too.

As the veil of Patriarchal conditioning continues to be lifted from my eyes - as I consciously and unconsciously de-program how I was conditioned to understand my ancestry (of which Mary Magdalene and Jesus are) - I continue to be amazed and awe-struck by the power of their relationship and the teachings it can offer us in our relational lives. 

What made Mary Magdalene and Jesus' relationship so sacred?

There are so many elements to this question but one that I have been called to focus on today is the basic need for each of us to have people who can join us in breathing life into our dreams. 

In our societal conditioning that relies so heavily on hierarchy and idolship, we often forget (especially with Jesus and Mary Magdalene and anything that has been co-opted by colonialized Christianity) that these people were human as much as they were divine. Jesus was human too. And, like any human, he too had a basic, sacred need to have a person or people in his life who could hold space for his dreams; and who could join him in breathing life into his dreams.

I intuit Mary Magdalene was that person for him. There could have been others. But there is no secret in knowing that Mary and Jesus had a very sacred bond - a deep, soul bond. And those bonds, as we know, are rare and reserved for a sacred few.

As I write this, I am so grateful to have a handful of people in my life with whom I can do this. As I sink my teeth into this next chapter of my life and let my soul's deepest dreams simmer, my heart is expanding with gratitude - because I have folks who can assist me in breathing life into my dreams. With their presence, witnessing, and gentle encouragement, they add sacred ingredients to a holy soup. And, together, we hold space for it to cook. 

There is a passage in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene where Andrew says, "...I for one do not believe that the Savior said such things to her, for they are strange and appear to differ from the rest of his teachings."

There are things Jesus told Mary Magdalene that he could not tell anyone else. Jesus knew that most folks' reactive unconscious would get in the way of their ability to hold space for the most intimate parts of himself. It was Mary's ability to witness and hold space - to deeply and truly listen with the ears of her heart - that gave her a key to join Jesus in true intimacy.

My beautiful friend, I wish this for you, for me, and for all of us. May we be discerning with who we share our deepest dreams with. May we hold out for "the right ones" who can truly hold space; who can truly witness; who can truly listen. May we cherish those who embody that for us. May we cherish the part of us who can be this for others. May we open ourselves w i d e r  and  w i d e r  to receive this in our most cherished relationships and to give it freely to others.

I am wishing you deep love and deep intimacy in all its forms. I am holding space for your deepest, true-est dreams. They are holy; they are begging to be held in deep care and shared with the world in "right" time.

And if you don't have someone to share them with and it feels resonant to you, please know you can always hit "reply" and share them with me. I will hold them and I will witness with you. 

With love,

Heather WaxmanComment