the gift of silence

Hi love,

Attempting to offer words to describe how powerful silence is, is really the ultimate paradox.

One of my spiritual elders, Richard Rohr, says this about silence:

"Silence is a form of intelligence beyond bodily reacting. Ego uses words to get whatever it wants. The soul doesn't use words. It surrounds words with space. And that's silence." 

He goes on to detail silence as an ever-faithful companion.

Have you ever considered that silence can be your trusted friend and confidante?
Have you ever considered that silence can be a safe-haven that will never leave your side?

We often have a compulsive need to be stimulated. It is the way our entire society is designed. If we are constantly trying to busy ourselves and fog up our energy bodies with external stimuli, then we cannot sit in the silence of our hearts. And if we cannot sit in the silence of our hearts, we cannot practice discerning what is True for us. And as long as we are not discerning what is True for us, it is often dictated for us.

How often do we bypass an opportunity to sit in the fullness of silence and instead fill it with noise and empty distractions?

Through my practice, I have learned that the silence of my heart is a sacred container to hold things that need time to take shape. It is a space where I can allow who I am and who I am becoming to incubate; to gestate.

How often do we get an idea and think that it needs to be said or created right now? How much more potent would our idea be; how much more depth could it be surrounded by; how much more profundity could it hold; if we allowed it to sit in a silent space of incubation? Just like babies do. They incubate for 9 months. Sometimes less. Sometimes more. They are forming in silence. Forming and becoming inside of a noise-less cave called the womb.

What if, for just a few moments every day, we gave ourselves permission to form and become inside of the noise-less womb called our heart?

Coming Home to Your Heart

If you desire support in cultivating a deeper relationship with the silent wisdom of your heart, I channeled and co-created a guided practice called Coming Home to Your Heart and I'm feeling called to offer it to you today. 

This recording is 20 minutes in length and is an iPhone demo (so excuse the background noises until I professionally record it!). I'm offering it on a sliding scale of $11 - $33; whatever is in your budget and whatever you feel this is worth to you.

If you'd like to receive Coming Home to Your Heart, you can click here to pay what you choose within that sliding scale and I will email the recording to you after I receive your exchange. 

I'm so proud of this practice and am so excited to hold space for you to cultivate a deeper, truer, integrity-filled relationship with your heart so that you can then share it even more powerfully than you already do with this world. 

With love,

Heather WaxmanComment