Self-Permission to Change

Hi Love,

Have you ever had that experience when you have changed or are changing ... becoming more of who You Are ... and are met with deep resistance by people who are close to you?

Letting yourself change is a risk. We risk losing things and people. We risk losing roles we’ve played and masks we’ve worn that were never really ours to play and wear. But what we gain is beyond what words could ever adequately express. The gain of coming Home to Your Self? Worth it.

What can get in the way of us doing that anyway?

What can get in the way of giving ourselves Self-Permission to change?

We explore this in today’s episode of Soul Sessions.

My prayer is that this transmission hits you right in the energetic space that needs it, giving way for your own unique insights and creative wisdom to come through.

I pray it reminds you of what’s possible when you let go of the fear of making other people uncomfortable with your You-ness.

I pray it feels like a warm hug.


With love,

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