Behind the Sound: Sacred Disruptor

Hi Love,

Today, I’m pulling the curtain back and offering a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of my spoken-song poem Sacred Disruptor, the title track to my album of the same name.

The essence of this poem woke me up. It shook me. It began a tidal wave - a cascade - of a three year journey of unraveling myself and learning about what it means to be sacredly disruptive.

It spoke to me - breathed new Life into me - for the past three years since I channeled it. I am still in-practice. Still in-process.

Sacred Disruptor has taught me to fall in love with process. To revel in the art of metamorphosis. Not as a thing that happens to me that I react to. But as a thing that occurs within me that I deeply relate with. 

I am still letting the essence of Sacred Disruptor guide me and teach me how to live it into being. How to be fully myself in a world that would rather me…well…not.

Everywhere we look, there are unspoken and spoken rules that are projected onto us of how we should be, how we should act, what we should say, and how we should live.

This song is a response to artful middle finger to conformity. To embrace your Soul’s essence. To embrace your You-ness. And to embrace your gorgeous, paradoxical, messy humxn-ness.

I love you, my fellow Sacred Disruptor.

With love,