A Practice to Navigate Emotional Discomfort

Hi love,

Welcome to your practice for navigating emotional discomfort. This simple practice is one I use on myself and with my clients and it. works. wonders. It helps you to ground yourself through an intense emotional experience by inviting you to utilize your body’s intuitive wisdom. Yum.

Many of us feel a sense of powerlessness over intense emotions - I know that I’m not immune to this - and I love this practice because it helps you to reclaim your power emotionally rather than displacing that power onto other people and their opinions and agendas.

Be gentle with yourself and remember that you’re building the muscle of intuition. You may feel tempted to use your intellect throughout this practice and that’s okay. Be patient with yourself. Keep practicing and, overtime, it will become more and more natural to you.

Take a moment to let your ears receive the medicine and to give yourself the gift of cultivating emotional sovereignty.

And a quick little re-cap for ya:

  1. Attune to the discomfort.
    Close your eyes. Notice where you feel it in your body. Breathe into it.

  2. Ask yourself, “Is this mine? Is this someone else’s? Is this the collective’s?”
    Take your time. Feel into each question. if you feel a sensation of expansion in your body, it’s a “yes.” If you feel a sensation of contraction in your body, it’s a “no.”

  3. If it’s yours and/or the collective’s, ask the discomfort, “Discomfort, if you could speak, what would you say?”
    Speak it out loud via stream of consciousness or write it down stream of consciousness. Whatever works for you. Just let it flow out of you.

  4. Change your scene.
    If you’re able to, get up and go for a walk outside or move your body. Change up your scenery and do something different. This will help you to move the energy.

  5. Breathe deeeeply.
    Our emotions ride on the wings of our nervous system. Breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the nose as often as possible for a simple way to strengthen your nervous system and - therefore - strengthen your emotional sovereignty.

Here’s to the practice of cultivating emotional sovereignty.

With love,