Nurturing Your Creative Self Part I: Cultivating Self-Authority

Hi love!

Today begins a four-part + four-week series leading up to the official start of Your Creative Self, a 28-day meditation experience for creatives, artists, and healers who are ready to stop hiding and start living their creativity out loud in the way that their Soul is called to do so.

I'll share more with you next week about what exactly Your Creative Self is and what you're exactly doing throughout the 28-day meditation experience but, for now, I invite you to sit back and simply receive the essence of it.

The launch of this offering is a bit atypical in that I'm inviting you to activate the value that Your Creative Self stands firmly upon: self-authority. Mmm. Yum. Rather than regurgitate information to you or share testimonials from past participants, I want to invite you to pour any and all authority back into yourself, listen, receive the essence of YCS, and receive your own insights and answers.

Join me in receiving part one of this series…a sonic journey rooted in returning to the remembrance to source your power from - first and foremost - within yourself.

If you'd like to get on the waitlist for YCS, you can do that by direct messaging me on Instagram or Facebook. Give me your first name and your email address and I'll add you to the waitlist so that you can be among the first to know what YCS is about when you can officially register for it!

With love,

Heather Waxman