Nurturing Your Creative Self Part III: Inside Your Creative Self

Hi love,

Your Creative Self is an intimate experience with yourself. And you are invited to share in that intimacy with a group of like-minded humxns you’ve never before met. I recognize how vulnerable that is. That’s why I felt called to create part III of this four-part audio series and give you an intimate look inside the content of the Your Creative Self meditation experience. 

I wanted to take the opportunity for you to hear my voice as I share with you what you tangibly receive from Your Creative Self.

We are working with our most intimate energy: creative energy. We are working with the energies of joy, aliveness, creativity, creation, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, play, addiction, control, deceit, manipulation, and speaking your truth. It’s deep. It’s juicy. It’s reeeeaaaaaallll.

If you’ve listened to parts one and two of this series and are still feeling called to participate in Your Creative Self, I invite you to listen to this podcast so you can be fully informed of what you receive.

If you are more of a visual person than an audio person, all of this information is on the offerings page here, where you can also test-drive the first 6 minutes of meditation one!

With this launch, it was really important to me and to the integrity of this course to have consent as an active energetic presence. So, with that, dive into this and listen to me share with you all that you tangibly receive from YCS!

If you have any ?s after listening to this podcast or reading the offerings page, email me at and I will do my best to give you all the info you need to make the right choice for you. 

With love,

Heather WaxmanComment