Living Through Discomfort + Change

Hi Love,

What does it mean to LIVE through discomfort and change? To not merely tolerate it or slog through it … but to really meet it and, perhaps, even greet it with open arms?

Our brain is hard-wired to avoid pain and discomfort. But your Heart and our Soul know something deeper - beyond intellect. Your Heart and Soul know that discomfort and change are parts of life that need our attention. They are parts of our Soul’s journey of awakening into the Love that we are. Paradox!

We can learn to LIVE through discomfort and change. Let’s move beyond tolerating discomfort and change. Let’s move beyond fearing discomfort and change and live INTO the courage that is innately within us. Use your courage to live (and perhaps even thrive) INTO discomfort and change!

This is the exploration of today’s soul session. I invite you to tune in below, on iTunes, or on Soundcloud and lean into it. It’s 8 minutes of homecoming. I pray this one can serve as a reminder - a soul session you can return to when you need to remind yourself to give yourself permission to LIVE and THRIVE through discomfort and change.

With love,

P.S. - Would love to hear about what spoke to you most about this one. Drop a comment below and share!

Art below is by Evie Shaffer -