Just Because


Hello love!

This week, I felt guided to record a Soul Session for you - a riff from my heart as I walk the grounds of a local cemetery.

I hope it feels like we’re here together - because it feels like that to me.

We aren’t often encouraged to do something for pleasure; or just because.

We aren’t often encouraged to do something without attaching it to societal ideas of success, achievement or goals.

Today, I want to invite you in closer; I want to invite you to rebel against your comfort zone and flex your creative muscles. With actual people. With actual people you don’t know.


Last week, I attended a local poetry workshop in my community and it inspired me to offer up a question to you … how often do you participate in community creative experiences just because?

This question may feel like a snooze fest to you; it may feel like it doesn’t apply to you; it may bore you; it may trigger you a bit; it may annoy you; it may excite you and stir up something in your Soul that says, “Yeah, lean into this 5-minute soul session.

Regardless, if it is means for your ears and your heart, I hope you can lean in and let it speak to you.

With love,

P.S. - Comment below and let me know what this stirred up for you!

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