It's okay to grieve good things.


What started out as a solo writing journey became a podcast. Interesting how that happens, huh? What was intended to be only for me asked to be intended for you too.

I love creativity in that way. I love the relationship we can cultivate with our creations and how they can stretch us and ask us to do what is right for the essence of the creation itself. To put our egos and our comfort zones to the side in honor of the creation. And so that is today. A peek into process. A shared exploration of what it means to allow ourselves to grieve good things.

I turned 30 three days ago, and as I am wrapping up my Saturn Return and being asked to integrate and embody what I’ve learned, this podcast feels so…right…to share.

I’m really excited to receive your feedback and learn what wisdom your Soul spoke to you through this soul session. Happy Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer!

I love you. I mean it.

With love,

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