How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

My love,

We live in an incredibly intense and pressurized time. I know that, as an empath / highly sensitive persxn / deeply feeling humxn on this planet, discomfort can feel like…well…impossible.

I see you. I really do. It is possible to deal with stress and anxiety in a new way.

To create an empowered relationship with discomfort, I’d love to invite you to think of discomfort / stress / anxiety as an essence - as an entity that you can create a relationship with. As an essence or an entity that you are not a victim to, but that you can relate to in a new way.

I say this not as someone who has everything figured out. But as someone who has come a long way from a very dark place practicing these very tools I’m sharing with you today.

You can be emotionally sovereign by taking your power back.

I pray that, if this serves you, that you take these tools and implement them into your life.

With love,

P.S. - If this video serves you, I would be so grateful if you’d pass it along to anyone in your life / in your communities who you feel it would serve.