heart art


The Heart;
it needs to be stretched and wrung out to dry.
It needs to be tossed and turned with the tides.
For the tides do inform the emotional waves.
The ebb-and-flow communication
of what Heart and Soul have to say.
They say it through feeling.
Not frantic and fraught.
Not reckless emotion from which we've been taught.
It's deeper than that.
More subtle and pure.
For when Heart speaks to Soul,
you know it for sure.

The Heart;
it needs to shed through tears.
It needs to utter a shrill, inner cry.
It needs to be cleansed and wrung out to dry.
To break yourself free from your own inner hell.
One way the Heart sheds its false shell.
It may have protected you
and kept you quite warm.
But it was also prevention
from ultimate connection.
Loneliness is not the same as being alone.
So, shed this false shell and enter your new home.

The Heart;
a primal muscle;
a mystical brain all its own.
Part human; part soul; part forever unknown.
Yet still, the Heart shows you things
your Soul has always known.
Heart and Soul work in-tandem
to show you your Home.

Peel it back.
Keep going.
Keep allowing.
Keeping surrendering.
Keep showing yourself...yourSelf.
Unmasking yourSelf.
Unveiling yourSelf.
Erupting yourself.
Disrupting yourself.
Erupting and disrupting
the you, you once knew.
The Heart leads you back
to the one you always knew.
The sweet, tender one
always beaming inside.
The screaming, crying one
who was chained deep inside.
The one who's born ready 
to come out - not hide.
The one who is ready
for experience embodied.
The one who is ready
for a smooth and bumpy ride.
The one who is ready
to live with Love on their side.

The Heart;
invites you
to be loud and big and bold;
to be soft and sweet and tender;
to embrace and to behold. 
So, you can feel yourself pulsating right along with me.
So, you can witness yourself blooming and breathing with me.

In the fierce, maternal home of my wide open Heart,
may you be ignited and invited to create your New Start.
To embrace the face of the one you always knew.
Letting Heart tell Soul
and Soul tell you.
Looking inside from your own eye, can you stare right into you
and embrace the sacred face of the one you always knew?
Reach inside your Heart and hold it.
A treasure chest Divine.
You're the one with all the answers.
Its always been inside.

With love,

Photo credit for the highlighted photo for this post goes to Jon Tyson via Unsplash.

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