For when you get stuck in your healing...

Hi love,

I want to share something with you - and it’s really important. Especially if you have find it challenging to really use your spiritual practice to heal and move into your power (a.k.a. embody your Soul’s true essence).

I’m currently in the process of some deep karmic cleansing and ancestral lineage healing. Have been every day for 8 years straight, honestly. 🤣

My rib cage feels a bit tight and sticky (hi, Cancer sun!) as I move through this layer. What I am cleansing isn't actually mine, but it is my Soul's responsibility to clear. To do so, I use my intuition + psychic abilities, breath work, crying, writing, sound, and Kundalini yoga + meditation to assist me.

I trust myself to hold myself.
I trust my practice to hold me.
I trust my angels and guides to hold me.
I trust my earth-based soul family to hold me.

Don’t forget, my love ... you are a sensitive soul with a dynamic energy body. And you have been initiated by Spirit to cleanse and clear not just your stuff from this lifetime but ancestral, karmic, and collective stuff.!

When I heal, I am aware that I am not just healing my own stuff. I am also healing on behalf of my ancestry, my karma, and the collective. It is part of my Soul’s purpose. It can be so painful at times but I know it is part of my Soul’s mission in leaving a legacy of kinder, wholer beings who live FULL lives integrated as spirit and humxn.

If this is you too, it is time you evolve your energetic and spiritual intelligence; it is time you strengthen your intuitive, psychic, and energetic muscles so you can be strong enough to handle this, rather than drowning in your thoughts and emotions.

Thinking about and dwelling on things is NOT healing! It is self-absorption and signs of immaturity, weak energetic intelligence, and weak spiritual intelligence. Sorry if that sounds harsh but I love you too much to watch you waste this precious life of yours avoiding your Soul’s work.

If you are feeling this way and feeling really lost and unsure of how you can move through life anchored in spiritual practice while also developing your sensitivity your and Soul’s gifts, I see you. I hear you. I am you. Let’s strengthen and refine your energy body so you can heal and step fully into your Soul’s essence!

And NOW...for a surprise: a new guided breath work practice! :)

I have something for you to help you with this. It's a brand-new guided breath work practice called Burn with Fire.

This practice is 31 minutes in length and is designed to assist you with invoking the fire element within you through your breath to clear any karmic and ancestral contracts you have in this lifetime that have manifested as stuck energy, depression, and a feeling of inability to move forward in life. It is inspired by the Celtic pentacle and my ancestry's devotion to the Elements as divine teachers.

If you’d like to practice Burn with Fire, you can purchase it individually for $22 here. Or you can purchase the entire breath work series called Breathing with the Elements for $44 here. If you choose to become a part of REVERENCE, our online spiritual practice space and community, you will receive this and every other practice I release for just $22 per month! Pick your path. ;)

Individual session.
Entire series.
Spiritual practice + community space.

I Love You - here's to your embodied healing. 

With love,