Cultivating a Deeply Engaged Life

How do you relate to discomfort?

How do you relate to joy?

Have you taken space to really observe how you relate to discomfort?

Have you taken time to observe how you relate to joy?

We did not sign up to merely tolerate our discomfort. Just as we did not sign up to merely dip one pinky toe into the experience of full-blown joy. We incarnated during this potent time on the planet to deeply engage with our experiences.

Discomfort is a dense, heavy energy and joy is an intense, highly vibrational energy. We need to train ourselves to be be energetically, emotionally, and spiritually strong enough to consciously engage with these emotions rather than flounder and drown in them (in the case of discomfort) or flimsily experience it (in the case of joy). And this is why I love breath work and Kundalini yoga + meditation so much. Because they assist us in strengthening our capacity to hold the spectrum of life.

Spiritual practice is not here to take away our discomfort. Nor is spiritual practice here to help us preserve our “high vibes.” Spiritual practice is here to assist us in having enough energetic endurance to hold, feel, and experience the full spectrum of our life’s incarnation.

Deep, intelligent engagement with what is in front of us - powered by our breath. When we lose touch with our breath, we literally lose our life force; and the strength of our connected to the Divine weakens. 

If we engage with our breath and with the entity of spiritual practice with true reverence, we will understand on an experiential level beyond the mind that our spiritual practice equips us; it helps us sharpen and strengthen our intuition and our ten body system so that we can become more sensitive, meaning we can meet this 3D reality head-on and see beyond it so we can extract the subtle, deeper meaning of Life’s experiences ... beyond the surface.

Deeply. Engaged. Life.

And what’s so beautiful is that when we practice this way individually with the entity of our spiritual practice, we can enter into community in such a way that we can truly teach each other and learn from each other in deeply impactful ways.

This is my prayer for all of us as we continue to mature as spiritual practitioners.

I love you. Thanks for continuing to show up for Life. 

With love,