Behind the Sound: The Ripple Effect

Hello, love!

Last January, my beloved Nicole and I tucked ourselves away into a little cafe in Tarrytown, NY and we recorded some things.

She had this beautiful idea for me to share more in-depth the sound healings on my album Sacred Disruptor - how they came to be and what meaning they hold for me. To be honest, I thought it was a bit self-serving so I just tucked it away.

But this morning, during a walk in nature with Nic, I received a clear knowing in my Heart that it was time to share these sessions with you, a series now called “Behind the Sound.”

For the next nine weeks, I’ll be sharing more in-depth about each track on the album, what I’ve learned from it, and what it means to me.

Behind the sound of each track is deep, true healing. I pray it can offer that to you. I pray they can invoke, incite, and activate within you your own unique insights, your own unique healing, and your own unique creativity.

(Side note: Click here + scroll down to listen to Sacred Disruptor in full on your favorite music platform.)

All my love,