Are you open to the patient work?

Hi love,

Each creative project that I enter into relationship with is just that - a relationship. Which means that I am in-service to something. I am in-service and in-partnership with the entity of my creative project.

In May, my business said to me, "Tear me down and build me back up." And so, I listened. Now, my business says, "Get a part-time job and keep building me up slowly - brick by brick." And so, I am. It feels like I'm pregnant with the seed of this new, true-er iteration of my business. It is gestating. I am watering it by getting even more clear on who I am, what my values are, what my deepest Soul gifts are + how they're being asked to be used, and the archetypes of the community I am consciously building. It is a slow, patient build. And it's beautiful.

I've never before given myself this much time to be so careful, thoughtful, and meticulous about the containers and foundations for my creative projects and business. I want my creative projects to be free to fly, and they can only do that when they are held within the confines of a strong and secure container for them to do so. That's the paradox of truly healing creative art; its healing is so much more potent when we give it a solid foundation to stand on. This process is teaching me this even more deeply.

...and it's very much against the "norm." As I learned in Coaching as Activism with Andrea Ranae last year, the systems we are embedded in of white supremacy and captialism run on the value of urgency. This sense of urgency pulses through the ethers of every corner of our society. It waits in the wings, tempting us to take what we can get, compete, move quickly, and come out on top. It takes great courage and inner fortitude to reject that sense of urgency in favor of the patient path.

I was at church last year and the priest's sermon touched me deeply. In it, he said, "How open are we to the patient work and to be used by God to build the Kingdom?" Chills flooded my body and tears filled my eyes. I grabbed a piece of paper and pen from my purse and wrote it down. I've kept it tucked in my purse ever since - and I look at it every day to remind myself and anchor myself into my reverence for the patient work.


The shadow sides of myself  that I am being mindful of are patterns of internally rushing and internally trying to control the process. When I notice myself move into the feelings of internal rushing and internal controlling, I observe them. I treat them like children having a tantrum who need to be calmed down. I step back, go into nature, and use my breath to breathe the seeds of patience and trust into the rushing and controlling. I remind myself of the seeds I am cultivating: presence, deep listening, deep breathing, joy, truth, integrity, and opening of the heart. Over time, they dissipate. Sometimes, instantly. Sometimes, after several tears are shed. Afterall, pregnancy with anyone or anything is a bumpy ride. ;)

So, my love, I turn this over to you now.

Some questions for self-inquiry:

What "patient work" is being asked of you by Mother-Father God?

Are you willing and able to set up solid foundations and spacious containers for your own creative projects / partnerships to take their most freeing shape?

Can you loosen your grip on how you *think* your projects should go and explore entering into true, holy (read: whole-y) partnership with them?

Trust the entity of your creative projects to speak to and through you.

With love,

P.S. - I created a pocket blessing for us. This is a way you can take this blessing with you beyond this post and into your life. Save this to your phone and consider making it your background or wallpaper as a way to practice presence.

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