Why Sending Love + Prayers Doesn't Work

Hi love,

The reason “sending love and prayers” doesn’t typically work is because we often flippantly use our mind rather than deeply using our Heart.

Your Heart is literally ~5,000 times more powerful vibrationally than your brain. Thinking “love and prayers” with your brain carries minimal power. *Feeling* love and prayers with your Heart - taking it deep into the Heart Space by centering your awareness there, feeling what is present and true, and creating a vision of what’s possible has very real vibrational power to effect change.

Holding a vision in your Heart of the rainforest completely restored - vibratory prayer - is real action too. This inner collective work matters and it works when we are sending love and prayers from a genuine, deep, fierce, compassionate place within.

Vibratory prayer is one way we can use our spiritual practice to create a world in-which all beings are free to be who they are.

Can you imagine all of us collectively taking time to send deep love and prayer (in addition to dollars, if we are able) and what that does? It creates miracles.

We gathered and practiced this tonight in-community on IG live / Facebook live.

I recorded the FB live and you can watch and practice with us below.
(Side note: The FB live recording cut off early, so we're workin' with what we've got. ;)

We practice a vibratory prayer + meditation for the healing and restoration of the rainforest. We feel deeply what-is. We are present with what-is. We own up to our mistakes and how we have played a part. We bring that deep into our hearts and forgive ourselves. We hold the vision of the healing and restoration of the rainforest, And we hold how we can do our part - our soul’s part - in creating a world where every thing, every being is free to be who they are.

To the continued protection of Mother Earth.. 🌎🙏

With love,

P.S. - Please share below your experience! We would all love to witness you and your powerful contributions.

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