Coming out on so many levels

Hi love,

As I "come out" again on so many levels - but especially as a creator and business owner - I am feeling more connected than ever to my Soul's dharma. That's the thing about descending into the dark, fertile underbelly of growth. That's the thing about nesting within the womb of your own healing.

When you really allow yourself to go there, you will always experience some kind of "coming out" process. We are all in a perpetual cycle of "coming out" in some way, shape, or form. I think that's why LGBTQIA+ coming out stories resonate with us so much. We see ourselves in their bravery to show the world who they truly are. My sharing of Nic and I's relationship is still the most liked and commented on of my posts on Instagram. It extends beyond gender and who one chooses to love. It's witnessing someone's willingness to fully be who they are that is a mirror for us. It is witnessing someone's willingness to be fully who they are in public while also being willing to be misunderstood (and in some cases, have violence enacted upon them). It is the unwillingness to sacrifice who we are for what's popular or trendy that can set us free. 

I am certainly not the same persxn I was four years ago, one year ago, or even yesterday. The perpetual process of "coming out" is home to me. Is it home for you too?


As I share a brand-new monthly Full Moon breath work and sound healing series called Midwifing a New Consciousness of Womxn (you can register here!), I am ecstatic, joyful, and grateful.

Because, loves, let's be real: we are continuing stewards of a movement in the spiritual growth world that is long overdue. I pray that this can create an energetic ripple effect; that more and more groups of people will come together to use their spiritual practice to heal their individual and our collective wounding around these very real systemic issues that we face and - ultimately - stem from us believing the lies that have been programmed into us about how who we really are is wrong.

I want to be clear: I am not an activist or a social justice leader. I am a forever-student of it. But what I do consider myself an expert in is studentship - specifically to Spirit. And Spirit led me to an immersion for the past two years in the world of activism and social justice. I learned so much from countless people including Andrea Ranae Johnson, Sharyn Holmes, Layla Saad, Dr. Kenneth Hardy, my co-hort from Coaching as Activism, Alok Vaid-Menon, Austin Channing Brown, Aaron Rose, etc. etc. etc. The list is endless. I am grateful to their leadership. And I will always be a student.

After this two-year immersion, I tore down my business and stopped publicly teaching Kundalini yoga and meditation. I got a part-time job at a retail store and grieved hard through breath work. What I began to realize after quite some time of this is that I wasn't just grieving my own stuff and who I was and how I showed up in the world. I was also grieving the collective's grief and pain.

My body and my being was - whether I asked it to or not - acting as an energetic midwife for my individual and our collective healing.

As I really awoke to this and owned it - like really claimed it as my experience of truth - I realized that I was most certainly not the only humxn experiencing this. 

I believe with every fiber of my being that there is a select group of souls who have a specific mission on this planet which includes them being an energetic midwife for the birth of a new consciousness. And I believe that you might be one of those people too. 

It sounds glamorous and fancy and it's not. Lol. It's tough. And it's something you can't ignore. Well, you can. But then you will always feel stuck and "off." Because it's part of who you are.

That is why I've co-created and channeled this new workshop series. As spiritual practitioners who experience ourselves as midwives (this term is not limited to womxn) for a new consciousness, we need to come together. Practice together. Learn how to work with this energetic body we've been given. Get honest about what's keeping us small. Own that we are containers for the old consciousness to die. And own that we are space-holders for a new one to be reborn.

And that's what this workshop is truly about at its core.

So, if you're interested, I invite you to come on over and register here.

It's next Wednesday 3/20 at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST. I know it's later for you East Coasters but you can handle it. ;) And if you're unable to make it live with us, I will be sending out a replay!

We are co-creating a movement within the spiritual growth realm here. And I am humbled, honored, and ecstatic to do this work with you.

All my love,

Heather WaxmanComment