Riding the emotional heatwaves

Hello love,

I know I don't normally write to you twice a week but Spirit had other plans. I felt so moved to share this today. I pray that it nourishes you, touches you, heals you, and helps you to have your own insights. 

When the emotional seas within our hearts and tummies are stirred, it can feel like one roaring tsunami of overwhelm. And if we aren’t anchored into some sort of practice to assist us, we will not be able to attune to our emotional maturity. We will be over-reactive, snappy, and simultaneously emotionally explosive and emotionally shut down.

It is so easy to react - to mirror back to someone else the very overly emotional, passive-aggressive, or emotionally turbulent stuff they throw at you.

My question to you is this: Fuck what they said or did. How do you want to show up in this situation? How does your soul most desire to express itself? Take the time to get clear on that. And show up as the Highest version of you - whatever that means to you and your Soul.

As these emotional heatwaves arise within you - when you begin to feel such intense emotions within yourself - it is so easy for us to go straight into the mind. To obsessively think about our situation (which, to be clear, is not healing anyone or anything). To grasp onto a reason why you're feeling a certain way so that you can gain some semblance of certainty. To quickly read through every astrologer you follow on Instagram's latest energy update. To pick an oracle card. Anything to give you certainty when you feel so...uncertain.

My love, your emotional healing can never and will never be solved with you mind.

You cannot think your way out of feeling the uncomfortable emotions waiting to be felt through by you.

You are shifting and changing. Your very makeup is shifting and changing. You are being asked to learn to attune to your emotional body and to feel things fully as they come without attaching a story to it. You are being asked to feel this to the depths with an energy of surrender and trust. 

I know it feels challenging - especially when the emotional release seemingly comes out of nowhere. Chances are you're being called to release layers of stuff that you've inherited that aren't even yours. Generational trauma. Genetically implanted ingrained habits of relating that keep your Soul's essence caged.

Allow. Allow all of this emotional stuff to come up and out.

Practice moving out from under the over-thinking and rooting into the wisdom of your Heart's emotional releasing process. Each time you catch yourself traveling up into your mind, close your eyes, find your breath, and - through your awareness - root into your Heart. Feel. It. Through.

In times like these, here is what works for me (this is just for you to use as inspiration, as a springboard, or not at all...take what resonates and leave the rest, okay?)

  1. This Kundalini yoga + meditation kriya

  2. Breath work

  3. Letting myself cry. Release. Feel. Without constraint.

  4. Movement (whatever movement means to you)! Having a dance party (see playlist here) and running in nature are two of my personal faves.

  5. Talking about it with the few people in my life who can really hold it, witness me, and see me on a Soul level.

  6. Creativity! Writing (like this - this moves the energy), singing, being in nature and running. 

Trust your inner resources. Trust your practices and *practice* them. Lean on the listening ears of those who can truly see you, witness you, and assist you. You've got this. 

With love,

P.S. - I will share the above Kundalini kriya and breath work practice with you at some point in the future. Kundalini yoga + meditation is a practice I have held dear for 7 years and its medicine is still longing to be shared through me. Stay tuned. I'm really leaning into how to do this most reverently and taking my time creating this platform behind the scenes. All feedback is always welcome. :)

Heather Waxman