your personal practice, our collective healing

Hi love,

Meditation is a practice of deep listening.

Deep listening to ourselves and deep listening to others.

So often, we have questions we want answered like, "How do I know which choice to make?" And, often times, the reason we don't yet have an answer is because we have not created a little time and space to sit in stillness and deeply listen.

Are you currently struggling with a decision? Do you feel you are at an internal cross roads and are feeling great stress and anxiety about which way to go? 

Have you taken time and space to sit in stillness and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit within?

If we cannot cultivate a practice of listening deeply to ourselves, it is impossible to listen deeply to others. If we cannot create space to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit within us, we cannot create space to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit within others.

I do not practice presence only for myself and my Soul's deepest aspirations. I practice to first access my deepest truth - the true essence of my Soul - for without that, I am not of real use to myself and others. I also practice so that I can be present with other people's deepest truths. 


We are very fractured in the spiritual community. Spirituality has become highly monetized, capitalized, and trendy. This is the nature of most things in the United States and any nation that operates under the system of capitalism.

This has its benefits; people are feeling a longing to connect with their Soul like never before. But this era has also birthed a lot of false prophets and non-reverent practitioners and teachers. Much of the reason we are fractured in the spiritual community is because we do not practice. We post on Instagram, but we do not practice. 

It is rare to find a healer who is truly rooted in reverent practice. And I encourage myself, you ... all of us ... to use discernment before we choose to practice with a healer or teacher of spiritual traditions. And that requires - you guessed it - deep listening. ;)

Practice does not mean perfection. I am not a perfect practitioner. I never will be and I do not desire to be. But what I know I am with every fiber of my being is reverent. I have so much reverence for my practice. I want to be reverent with myself. I want to know all of myself - both the Heaven within me and the hell within me. The divinity within me and the humanity within me. This allows me to show up for the Heaven and the hell within others with presence, curiosity, and empathy. 

Where we can get stuck - because we do not practice - is in learning to manage our inner hell. And in-so-doing, we cannot be with other people's inner hell. And violence erupts. We often lack capacity to "go there" because either we don't practice at all or we only practice in the morning and then leave it at the we enter into society frazzled, discombobulated, and out-of-alignment. Because we have forgotten to practice. 

I do my best to practice not only when I wake but also throughout the day. In every moment; in every encounter. My practice is a place of refuge; it is a well from which I can drink the most nourishing elixir of presence, truth, and compassion. And I do my best to continue to sip on that elixir throughout the day. 

For those of us who claim to be "spiritual," desire to create a world in which every person is free to live out their truest essence, and desire to be the healer we are born to be, it is not possible if we do not engage in a practice of deep listening to ourselves and to others. This is my prayer for us.

Your personal practice is directly connected to our collective healing and the depth to which it can occur. My personal practice is directly connected to your healing and the depth to which it can occur. May we practice every day with these sacred truths nestled in the bellies of our gorgeous, bright, sensitive hearts. 

With love,

Heather WaxmanComment