the holy spirit: accessing the divine interpreter within

Hi love,

The Holy Spirit is an internal bridge between Heaven and Earth; an energetic presence in our Soul that can assist us in integrating our divinity and our humanity. This can feel really challenging for sensitive humans like us who experience a visceral connection to the realms beyond this physical one.

In my experience, the Holy Spirit has helped me to embody my divinity and my humanity with more inner trust and ease. This has helped me to hold true to who I am in the presence of others.

It can be so challenging for those of us who experience a strong relationship with the celestial realms to harmonize that relationship with our dense human experience. Embodying both in a way that feels true can feel challenging. We can call on the Holy Spirit to assist us with this!

We often associate the Holy Spirit with westernized Christianity’s interpretation of the trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Western Christianity has externalized the Holy Spirit as a way to use false power dynamics to control others. In my experience, Father is code for Heaven/Celestial Realms/Angelic Realms/Astral Realms, Son is code for you + me, and Holy Spirit is code for the bridge between the two.

Heaven and Earth operate on two different vibrational planes. The Holy Spirit helps us merge these planes together within ourselves so we can feel more whole, true, and connected to Mother Earth and the celestial realms within our very being.

Disconnection to either plane causes us to feel imbalanced.

The Holy Spirit is akin to a built-in interpreter we can access at any time. We never need to look outside ourselves. The Holy Spirit is within us, ready to help us integrate and embody our divinity and our humanity.

The Holy Spirit helps us cultivate and communicate truth from our Soul...with soul. All we need to do is breathe, ask, surrender, and listen.


With love,

Photo credit for the highlighted photo of this post goes to Ivana Cajina via Unsplash.