Hi, love! I’m Heather (pronouns she/her). Welcome, welcome!


Welcome to my corner of the Internet. It is a pleasure and a treasure to have you here - and I mean that.

My name is Heather Waxman (pronouns she/her). I live in Connecticut, land originally belonging to the Lenape and Wappinger tribes, with my magical wife Nicole and our two precious cat children, Kali and Shakti.

I believe with all of my heart that you - yes, you right here reading these words - are here to help create a world in which all people are free to be who they are. I also believe that we can’t know how we are here to do that until we create a loving relationship with our inner world and develop a solid sense-of-self. This is the heart of my work as a spiritual life coach, sound healer, writer, and certified Angelic Breath Healing facilitator. My work centers on helping humxn beings like you tend to your inner world and reclaim your sense-of-self so that you can settle into the work you are here to do in this world.

I work with people of all genders and gender expressions who are highly sensitive and have the most beautiful hearts. They are tender, powerful, fiery humxns who have lost touch with their self-confidence. They know it’s in there somewhere, and they’re ready to reclaim it. They’re ready for the change and transformation that is calling out to them. They’re ready to answer the call of their Soul and return home to who they are - beyond societal conditioning, beyond the opinions of perceived authority figures, beyond childhood programming, and beyond their own perceived limitations. I know this journey intimately, as it was (and continues to be) my own. As a coach and space-holder for your spiritual-emotional re-birth, I will hold an energetic container for you that is loving, fierce, nurturing, and honest.

Navigating the inner regions of our psyche, Soul, subconscious, and emotional bodies is no small feat. You are reading these words because, deep within, you know that you are here to not only heal yourself but also heal your lineage and to create a world that is vibrating at a harmonious frequency of self-sovereignty and interdependence. This journey one of the spiritual warrior. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle and tender with your beautiful heart.

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If I were to describe my vibe / aesthetic / sense-of-style, I would tell you “angelic-forest-fairy meets athletic-rugged-butch.”

When I’m not active in my healing work, you can find me going for a run in Nature with my wife (see right - isn’t she precious?!), sweating my face off on my Peloton bike (obsessed!), sipping homemade ChemX coffee, singing my face off around my apartment, or out to dinner with friends.

I’m currently obsessed with The Greatest Showman Reimagined soundtrack (literally can’t stop listening to it and crying lol). Fleetwood Mac has my heart forever and always - especially Stevie. Always Stevie. In astrology, I’m a Cancer Sun, Virgo Rising, and Taurus Moon. I love to eat but I hate to cook. And the irony of it all is that I started a food blog a decade ago called For the Love of Kale before everyone became obsessed with kale.

I’m heading to grad school in January 2020 to become a licensed partners + family therapist. I am deeply passionate about working with adult children of narcissistic parents, and I’m really excited to be able to incorporate this into my life’s work over the coming years.